We know what it takes to get to our goals…
We may be inspired… We may be motivated… We may have our goal looming large in our sights… at least today…
But tomorrow, or the next day, our resolve seems to crumble.

How does “Lose a Pound, Gain a Buck” help?

This is YOUR program, this is YOUR plan. You supply the inspiration and the motivation, I supply the plan, the support, the accountability and the INCENTIVE.

What’s the INCENTIVE???
(Other than the incentive to feel better about ourselves, feel healthier, feel stronger..)

$$$ What about a little FINANCIAL INCENTIVE??? $$$

The program fee is $150 per month per participant for group plans (minimum of 3 enrollees) or $200 per month for individual plans.
BUT, for every pound you lose, I pay you back $10 (up to $100 per month.)*

That translates to a monthly fee of only $50 per person for group plans, $100 per person for individual plans.
Now that’s INCENTIVE.


You will receive a healthy eating plan, including recipes and shopping tips and weekly (group or individual) coaching by email, telephone or zoom, your choice. (Group plans will also receive a private, Facebook group page to interact with during the week.)

The plan is created for you, based on your lifestyle, your likes and dislikes and your needs.

You can enroll for as long as you like, or as little as 1 month.


Contact me – I’ll get back to you…

  • Bucks back to you will be paid at the end of month that you’re enrolled in.
    Program fees must be paid up front by the 15th of the month prior to the month you’re
    enrolling for.

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